Upcoming Supreme Court Cases


I found this article on Yahoo discussing the cases coming up in the Supreme Court. Two cases that stood out for me are the issue of the crucifix on Federal land and the ban on handguns in Chicago.

In Salazar v. Buono, The issue of the crucifix is whether the Federal government has endorsed a particular religion over another contrary to the Establishment clause. However, this case seems interesting because the crucifix has been on Federal property since 1934. Would the Supreme Court be quick to require removal?

As for the handgun ban in Chicago in National Rifle Association v. Chicago & McDonald v. Chicago, most people are not aware that the 2nd Amendment has not been applied to the states. In a process called Incorporation, the Supreme Court has to find that a particular individual right guaranteed against the federal government such as those enumerated in the Bill of Rights is important enough that it should be incorporated into the 14th Amendment. The 2nd Amendment has not been incorporated.

If you want some background in these areas of law. I recommend these articles in Wikipedia, which I think is understandable even for someone who is not a lawyer.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Establishment_Clause & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon_v._Kurtzman






NOTE: please keep in mind that this blog is not meant to be legal advice. Consult a lawyer if you need legal advice.

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